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Anti-Climaxes and Non-Events

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September 30th, 2009

12:07 pm
Things are plodding along. Moaning to follow. That is all.


August 17th, 2009

09:20 pm
The last month has disappeared in a haze of Red Stripe and smiles and dancing.

Working full time, basking in the banter and been cycling there every single day so my legs are like fooking concrete! TURBO-STRENGTH.

Hollyoaks is affa predictable just now. Boo.


July 9th, 2009

02:21 pm
Ah, nooo. I'm kekking it, 'cause I think I'm going to be fired from my work permanently, and rent is due at the beginning of the month. Shit shit shit shit shit! Also, I have a week of unpaid work experience at Aberdeen Journals at the end of this month, so that's about £300 I'll be missing out on. Balls. Fucksticks.


July 8th, 2009

03:31 pm
It's long over due, I'm overpowered...Collapse )
Current Music: Roisin Murphy


June 30th, 2009

04:13 pm
The last couple of days/nights have been shit hot.

Went to a 21st on Saturday, followed by a trippy to Korova to see some Origin DJs. Dirty Dubstep dancing. Saw a heap of friends I hadn't in ages. Yes. Did a no-show for work the next day and they've basically suspended me for a week, but that's okay. I'm taking it as a holiday on the lead-up to my birthday. Not good, but not too bad either, really.
Doop was off yesterday so we went for a wee drink to Vodka Bar and spoke smut and filth. I sank a bottle of red by accident. Oops. Then I took my BMX to the park to meet my brother and my flatmate who are seeing one another, then other friends appeared, then we went to the pub. Wasted. Good times.

My birthday night out is soon. I am excited. I think it might be an okay night.


June 24th, 2009

02:15 pm
The Boy is no more. Long story short, he and a friend fell in love and have moved in together. In 2 weeks. Ha, cunts. I am writing boys off for the forseeable next wee while.

I have been working lots and lots. I applied for a full-time postition, but all they could offer me was f/t at Bucksburn. And it's a shit hole out there so I declined. Sure I'll get f/t hours without a contract at my pool. The banter at work is shit-hot just now. I like going to work. The pay is ridiculous for what I actually do. Yeaah!

I have been drinking lots and lots too. RED STRIPE!

Nothing is going on really. I'm getting a spray tan tomorrow night, then going on a vino-fuelled adventure. I'm going to a 21st on Saturday, should be good. Then it's my birthday on the 4th, and my night out for it on the 3rd. I don't want presents, just everyone's undivided attention for one night.
Current Music: LCD Soundsystem


June 11th, 2009

04:05 pm
Not to gloat, but everything is perfect just now. I am intensely happy.

I passed my Honours with a 2.2, so my name is now

Soph M (BA [Hons])

Nicola moved in today, and her massive bouncer biker friend who helped move her stuff thinks I'm sexy, haha...

I went out last night and made friends again with an old friend from many moons ago, and we got minced and danced and laughed a lot and mocked people.

It was sunny this morning so I wore shorts and it made me grin like a feel.

My work loves me... loads of shifts coming up, but the banter's top notch and the pay's way more than I deserve for the amount of work I do, so I'm mostly chuffed about being there.

I went to HMV the other day and bought a couple of 2 for a tenner deals and all are good (I usually pick at least one duff one). I bought a Roisin Murphy album, and The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths (I thought it high time I bought one of their albums), and a U2 Greatest Hits thing for my Dad and Cut by The Slits.

::Flails and whines like Morrisey, only joyously::
Current Music: The Smiths


June 1st, 2009

07:22 pm
I called the doctor's office today when I heard nothing about my results and they'd heard nothing, apparently. So I called the lab and the guy said that if I had access to a fax machine, he'd fax the results to me directly. Alas, no fax machine. But he sent them to my doctor so I can call at 8.30 tomorrow morning and get them then. I reallllly hope I can get home. I want bosies from my chums!


New laptop + new Sony headphones + Underground Resistance = Pure joy!

However, gutted I missed the closing night of Origin. Although, there are new venues for some of the nights, so not all is lost. I want to get minced up and dance so badly, listening to this.

That is all.
Current Music: Underground Resistance


02:08 pm
This morning me and my Ma went to a Mexican supermarket and I bought amusing tack for people... the kind that appears to be a weird cultural mix of Catholic and Voodoo. I bought myself some 'Holy Death' oil to put in my burner. It's got a little picture of the grim reaper on the bottle. The man at the check-out said he liked my hair. I like when people like my hair, makes me feel talented or something.

Still no word of my blood results from the doctor. I need to know so I can know whether I can go home tomorrow or not. I really miss everyone, it's only been about 2 1/2 weeks or so. I'm a right wimp.

My Ma's decided that I'm coming here for Christmas, because she 'can't be bothered' coming home to Aberdeen for it. Not sure I want to spend Christmas here really. Plenty time to make up an excuse not to come though, mean as that sounds.

Wimp is a great word. I do not use it enough.


May 30th, 2009

04:36 pm
The kidney specialist yesterday said he was happy with me. He sent me to an external blood lab for tests. He said he'd phone me with the results on Monday afternoon. If they come back clean then I can go home on my original flight on Tuesday afternoon! And The Lovely Ash said she might be able to pick me up at the airport when I get home!

I spent from 11am til 4pm today at the pool. I started reading 'Fragile Things' by Neil Gaiman, a collection of spooky, freaky short stories. I like it so far. I'm looking like I've been dipped in the dregs of an old lady's teapot or something. Turbo-brown :D And I swam like a mutha, too. I can feel my tummy muscles going apeshit at being used so much.

My dog's crying. Aww.


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