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I just saw an advert on TV for stretchy Maybelline foundation.… - Anti-Climaxes and Non-Events

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March 22nd, 2010

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10:14 am

I just saw an advert on TV for stretchy Maybelline foundation. Never realised that makeup that doesn't stretch was a problem.

Anyway. I've been feeling creative of late. I've got a shitload of beads needing made into pretty things so that's what I'm about to do this morning. I made a snake out of an old rainbow-stripy scarf a few days ago. I've been wearing him around the house. He looks incomplete though. I feel I must adorn him with embellishments, tack him up a bit. Also, I've been cooking lately and I feel generally better. I'm getting lots of fruit and veg and I've been freezing leftovers for the inevitable hard times to come when my pay shortly moves from weekly to monthly.

I donated a heap of clothes and an amp and some books to British Heart Foundation earlier today. They picked the stuff up. My room's no longer full of unwanted stuff and the karma bank has been topped up.

This week I'm going to try to fix up my bike. I need a new break pad, a tube and I need to do something to the breaks... they're totally fucked after I rode my bike home drunk one night a few months ago. I also need to copy the key for the communal room I store my bike in. Could do with seeing my brother too this week.

I have work 2-10 today. I'm going to cook something lovely to take with me for dinner.
Current Music: Ugly Duckling


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